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Every Leaf That Falls

Every Leaf That Falls

Autumn into winter: The clock strikes midnight, and just like that, winter is officially here. There of course will be the last remnants of fall, as witnessed here (and elsewhere) at the always familiar Penn Park but with every fallen leaf, winter says it’s my turn now. The park is a wonderful place to see the transition take place. It seems as if every color of fall is represented before the various shades of green will once again dominate the landscape. A great opportunity to visit the waterfall, its pools, ponds and bridges, the dormant fountain, the winding walkways, the natural canopy, the sloping hillsides, all it has to offer.

At the time I stopped by, it was sparse with visitors which only seemed to magnify the sheer scope and size of its multitude of trees. It shows how small we are in comparison. What a great escape for us to have in each and every season. Welcome, winter, it’s all yours now.

Photo set and description originally published on the winter solstice in Whittier, California – Our Hometown.

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