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Shots Fired on Parnell Encampment

Shots Fired on Parnell Encampment

Sunday, January 5, Whittier: Shots were fired on unhoused residents living at Parnell Park at 2am today. According to members of the Parnell encampment, the incident was reported to the Whittier Police Department, which is still seeking to apprehend the shooter as of noon today.

Eyewitnesses told Sustainable City News that at 2am today, a dark-colored Escalade drove up the south embankment, out of the parking lot and onto the park itself, circling the camp and hitting a trash can (truck tracks and trash can pictured).

The driver parked and entered the encampment, screaming “get out of my park, get out of my city, get out of my country”. The driver was described by multiple eyewitnesses as Latino and visibly inebriated.

After driving into Parnell Park, the driver pulled out a gun and started shooting, at which point, eyewitnesses say they ran for their lives. No one was hit or hurt. A few members of the encampment called WPD immediately and made a report. The shooter is not known to any member of the encampment.

The shooter’s car is described as an Escalade with a handicapped license plate; a partial license plate was recorded as EC1HOU. Anyone with information regarding the assailant can reach WPD at (562) 567-9200.

Update: On 1/11/20, Sustainable City News interviewed residents at Parnell Park for a more detailed description of the shooter. The man is described as Latino-Filipino, 30s-40s, 5’6″, 200 lbs.

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