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Candidates Share Their Vision for Whittier’s Future at Upcoming Forums

Candidates Share Their Vision for Whittier’s Future at Upcoming Forums

Whittier’s mayorship and two Whittier City Council seats are up for election on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020. Voting centers will be open for up to ten days leading up to the election. Learn more about the new voting rules here.

Your Tuesday, March 3rd Ballot Will Include:

Whittier City Council Candidates

Incumbent Mayor Joe Vinatieri is defending his seat from challengers Rolando Cano, I.L. Leon Savage, Christine Singer-Luna, and Louis Reyes.

Incumbent District 3 Council Member Cathy Warner is defending her seat from challengers Yasmin Ferrada, Alex Moisa, and Lucian Petrusan.

Incumbent District 1 Council Member Josue Alvarado, a candidate for Assembly District 57, is not defending his seat, leaving the field open to candidates Jessica Martinez, Magdalena Barragnon Moe (Maggie Moe), and Andrew Roble.

Read the candidates’ statements here.

Four Candidate Forum Dates and Locations

Hear Whittier City Council candidates’ vision for Whittier’s future at the Cleaner Greener Candidate Forum on Saturday, January 25, at the Whittier Community Center, and at the Housing & Homelessness Candidate Forum on Saturday, February 1, at First Christian Whittier.

Also, attend the 57th Assembly District Candidate Forum at City Hall on Wednesday, February 5, 7pm, hosted by League of Women Voters. Lastly, the League’s Whittier Mayor and Council Forum, co-sponsored by AAUW Whittier, takes place Monday, February 10, 7pm, also at City Hall. Both events will air on cable TV and will be archived online. A DVD of each event will be available at Whittier Public Library.

Cleaner Greener Candidate Forum

On Saturday, January 25, 2pm, at the Whittier Community Center, the Cleaner Greener Candidate Forum will invite audience members to submit written questions related to climate-conscious local governance. The candidates will also respond to the following questions:

1. As the City updates its sustainability policies in the General Plan, what climate action plan will you commit to that improves on State mandates for sustainability; and, how will you involve residents and businesses meaningfully in the process?

2. If elected, what initiatives will you undertake collaboratively with, or learn from, neighboring communities in order to reduce Whittier’s carbon footprint?

The Cleaner Greener Candidate Forum is co-sponsored by Whittier Hills Oil Watch, Sustainable City, Whittier Area Environmental Coalition, and Cleaner Greener Whittier.

Housing & Homelessness Candidate Forum

On Saturday, February 1, 12pm, at First Christian Whittier, Housing & Homelessness Candidate Forum audience members will discuss and design audience questions about Whittier-based housing and homelessness solutions. At 1pm, in addition to audience questions, candidates will answer the following questions:

1. In Martin v. Boise, the Ninth Circuit ruled that homeless people could not be criminalized for sleeping in public if they could not be offered another place to sleep. Now that the Supreme Court has allowed that decision to stand, what is Whittier’s best path forward to provide public safety and protect constitutional rights, including avoiding lawsuits?

2. The state of California mandates the City of Whittier to revise the housing element of its General Plan to add 3,398 new housing units between 2021 and 2029. Of these, about ⅓ need to be for very low-income households, ⅓ for above moderate-income households, and about ⅓ divided between low-income and moderate-income households. Whittier has not met its housing element goals in the past, but the state is putting teeth into this mandate. How will you ensure that Whittier meets its state-mandated housing goals?

3. Given political will in Whittier in support of different types of housing (emergency, transitional, affordable, supportive), what would you put where? What would you build? How long will it take? What services would be provided? How much would it cost?

The Housing & Homelessness Candidate Forum is co-sponsored by League of Women Voters of Whittier, Sustainable City, and Homes for Whittier. The forum is moderated by Fullerton-based political consultant and Sustainable City Board Chair Andre Charles. Charles has over 20 years of campaign experience in California.

Candidates participating in the Cleaner Greener Candidate Forum:

District 1: Jessica Martinez, Maggie Moe, Andrew Roble
District 3: Yasmin Ferrada, Alex Moisa, Cathy Warner
Mayor: Rolando Cano, Louis Reyes, Christine Singer-Luna, Joe Vinatieri

Candidates participating in the Housing & Homelessness Candidate Forum:

District 1: Maggie Moe
District 3: Yasmin Ferrada, Alex Moisa, Cathy Warner
Mayor: Rolando Cano, Louis Reyes, Christine Singer-Luna, Joe Vinatieri

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