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Opinion: Yes on Measure W

Ever since I moved to Whittier in 1986, I have been extremely grateful to be a part of such a welcoming and safe community. Whittier is a city that is rich in tradition and culture but has never shied away from challenges. Over the past 32 years, my wife and I have watched this city go through many changes that have advanced and also challenged our quality of life as a community. 

I join many of my fellow residents with the concern homelessness has brought to Whittier. This issue is not an easy one and I understand it to have many layers of interacting problems. It is not only an issue of housing. It is also an issue of healthcare, employment opportunities, public safety, and much more. To resolve these overlapping issues, we need to think outside the box and make sure we can provide the necessary services and protection we all expect from our city. 

This primary election, you have the opportunity to make sure these issues are addressed in a responsible manner by voting YES on MEASURE W. Let’s face it, the state has continued to use their legislative power to force more unfunded mandates on local governments, while also decreasing the amount of funding the city receives for day-to-day City services, which I believe is a root cause of the many issues we are facing today. It is now time for the City to step up and do the job Sacramento can not do. In order to do that, the City needs to make up for funding lost from the state in order to conduct basic needs and services the City provides like hiring police officers, fixing potholes, keeping our playgrounds and parks clean, supporting extracurricular programs for our senior and youth populations, and so much more.

Barring major cuts to the city budget, MEASURE W is the only way Whittier can continue to provide the services we rely on while working to solve some of our most pressing issues. While the City is working to solve homelessness, residents of our great city should not need to lose out on programs provided through our Community Center that benefit our children and seniors. MEASURE W is the only way we can get the support and response we need to keep our city safe, clean, and thriving. I hope you will join me in voting YES on MEASURE W.

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