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Sustainable City News Endorses YOU

Sustainable City News Endorses YOU

As the March 3rd Election approaches, numerous media outlets of varying size and distribution method are endorsing candidates for office at every level of government.

Sustainable City News will not be one of them.

Instead, we are wholeheartedly endorsing voting.

This stance in large part reflects our commitment to providing unbiased coverage of local government, but it is also due to how media endorsements should be made.

Larger and more established media outlets that do make endorsements, like the Los Angeles Times for example, have a separate and distinct editorial board which is responsible for election endorsements. The Times Editorial Board is a separate entity from the journalists who cover the stories on the ground.

As a political consultant for numerous candidates and ballot measures, I have attended editorial board meetings throughout California, and I have generally found them to be an important part of the electoral process. When done well, these meetings allow those running for office to go beyond simple campaign slogans and lawn signs and discuss more substantive policy matters. Sometimes my campaigns receive a newspaper’s endorsement, and sometimes not, but I always respect the process of their decision making when it is transparent and fair.

Sustainable City News does not currently have the infrastructure or resources needed to make endorsements in local elections because we do not have an editorial board that is completely separate from our local reporters.

Making such an endorsement would cause readers to doubt the impartiality of our coverage in the past and in the future.

Perhaps this will someday change, but in the meantime, Sustainable City News’ sole endorsement for the March 3rd Election is for Whittierites to take part in the process and cast their ballots by mail or in person at one of Los Angeles County’s vote centers.

Regardless of your political party or positions on the issues, please make those ideas known by voting.

Primary Elections can be overwhelming. This one includes local elections for Mayor and City Council, a State Assembly race with the top two finishers advancing to the November ballot, Superior Court Judges, and city, county, and state ballot measures—not to mention a Presidential Primary.

Sustainable City News will not state which of these many candidates are the one you should vote for, but hopefully we have been a resource that aids you, the voter, in making more informed decisions.

Sustainable City News strives to cover local races objectively and fairly. If you think this is simply not the case and that our previous stories are slanted against your preferred candidate, PLEASE VOTE.

The most recent article in our opinion section is an argument for supporting local Measure W. If you agree with the author, please vote. Also, if you couldn’t disagree more, PLEASE VOTE.

If you are an avid reader of Sustainable City News and are disappointed that we will not share our informed opinion on who the best candidates are to lead Whittier, we are sorry to disappoint and PLEASE VOTE.

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