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Candidate Profile: Louis Reyes, Mayoral Candidate

Candidate Profile: Louis Reyes, Mayoral Candidate

Why are you running for Whittier City Council in 2020?

I am challenging a 14-year incumbent because I believe together as a community we can work to solve our most pressing issues to address our homelessness crisis, protect our environment with no oil drilling, and implement government reforms to bring more accountability to city hall.

What are your qualifications for serving on the Whittier City Council?

Public Policy and Management degree from USC, eight years of executive and legislative experience working in government (state and local), 28-year resident and 20-year community advocate.

What budget priorities will you promote for the City of Whittier as a member of City Council?

I would audit our finances to see that we are spending our taxpayer dollars efficiently and effectively. I believe that we lost millions of dollars in lawsuits, my priority is to keep Whittier out of lawsuit and do what is right with our taxpayer funds. I also believe we need to address our budget deficit and plan for the future.

As a member of City Council, how will you increase meaningful participation in City governance by residents?

As a communication professional, I believe in creating two-way methods of communications in the development of public policy. I would ask the council to host regular town hall meetings as well as post government meetings on social media so that residents can watch and provide comment using the Internet.

As a member of City Council, how will you address the dual crisis in housing and homelessness?

Housing first model to get beds immediately to house homelessness as well as implement changes to get more non-market rate housing, build 500 accessory dwelling units, and single room occupancy units. I wrote a plan:

As a member of City Council, how will you facilitate the creation of a strong local economy?

Increase our focus on supporting entrepreneurship on the Internet. Developing our shopping areas to increase a pleasant shopping experience with clean sidewalks and proper lighting.

How can the City of Whittier make the most impact on reducing its carbon footprint?

Use 100% clean green energy. This is complex, but overall I support the LA County Sustainability Plan. We need to NOT drill for oil in our hills.

As a member of City Council, how will you help low-income, underserved, and at-risk residents gain access to the support and services they need to survive and thrive?

We need a social services access center to help those in need to get immediate support. Many times, people in crisis need help identifying such resources. The city needs to make sure to communicate how to acquire them as people are in need.

What else do voters need to know about how your tenure on City Council will benefit Whittier?

Although Government Reform doesn’t appear on many residents priority list, I believe government reform such as implementing term-limits, creating gender equity in commission appointments, and make sure all elected officials follow disclosure laws are vital to a transparent decision making process that leads to the creation of public policy best for the people and not the chosen few.

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