Measure W & Whittier City Council Votes Still Being Counted

Measure W & Whittier City Council Votes Still Being Counted

Final results of Tuesday’s election won’t be available for up to a month, but with about ⅔ of L.A. County’s votes counted and no close races in Whittier, multiple media outlets have predicted Whittier’s results. Here are the counts from the County’s website as of 5 pm Thursday (click the link to see later updates):

County-wide, 1,249,137 ballots have been counted, and at least 573,750 have been received but not counted. More vote-by-mail ballots turned in at vote centers or mailed by March 3 and received by March 6 will also be counted. 

The uncounted ballots the county has received include 327,250 vote-by-mail ballots. We can expect all of these to be counted, plus an unknown number of vote-by-mail ballots that were dropped off at vote centers on election day.

An estimated 26,500 provisional ballots and 50,000 conditional voter registration ballots will have to be verified before they can be counted. And, an unknown number of the 170,000 miscellaneous ballots will be counted, since these include spoiled ballots. 

Although we know the current vote counts for Whittier, we don’t know how many ballots were cast by Whittier voters and not yet counted. Most of these will be vote-by-mail ballots turned in at vote centers or mailed on the last few days of the election.

With 51,100 registered voters in Whittier, at least 11,952 Whittier voters have had their ballots counted so far (based on total yes and no votes on Measure W). If the county-wide estimate holds true for Whittier, about ⅓ of Whittier’s ballots remain to be counted.

Unlike 2018, when only about 100 votes separated District 4 candidates at this stage of the count, this time none of the races are close. While it is mathematically possible for Measure W to be defeated or Andrew Roble or Magdalena Barragnon Moe to overtake Jessica Martinez in District 1, a change of more than 15 percentage points would be highly unusual. 

Still, voters should remember that verifying provisional ballots and same-day registration ballots will take some time. Final results are still about a month away.

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