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Whittier City Council Caves to Angry Mob

Whittier City Council Caves to Angry Mob

Shayla Myers, a member of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, said, “Adopting an ordinance and tracking many of the problems that the City of Los Angeles is seeing with this ordinance is a step backwards when it comes to thinking about the real needs of our clients who are unhoused on the streets of Whittier. There are many, many things that the city of Whittier could do, but seizing and destroying people’s belongings in violation of the constitution is not one of them."

Pitchforks, Torches & Peace at Parnell Park

Members of the encampment said they do not want to live in the park, but affordable housing is unavailable, and waiting lists for services are full. One man has a job at a popular local restaurant that doesn't pay enough to afford rent. Another man lost his job three months ago and has been in the park for two months. One woman has been on a Section 8 waiting list for 12 years.