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Our nonprofit newsroom offers space for dozens of citizen journalists writing on topics relating to Whittier. Join our writing team! Register here.

Choose from these feature topics, or propose your own:

  • Memories of Whittier: Funny and moving memories of life in Whittier
  • Lifestyle & Culture: Your lifestyle / culture through commentary, interviews
  • Food & Gardens: JG-style restaurant reviews, gardening how-tos
  • Whittier Arts & Performance: Convince our readers to go see the thing
  • Make It / Fix It: Show us how to make or fix a thing
  • Whittier Hills: Explore the natural world – animal, mineral, vegetable
  • Health & Spirituality: Care for self & others; live a good & meaningful life
  • Sustainability: How Whittier can help save the planet
  • Local Economy: Spotlight on locally owned businesses that rock
  • Giving Back: Spotlight on folks who make Whittier a better place to live
  • Street Fashion: The Whittier Sartorialist
  • LA/OC: Convince our readers to see/do something outside of Whittier
  • Parenting & Education: Guidance on raising and educating the young
  • Family Life: Funny and moving stories about bio and/or acquired family, including pets

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